Well I guess this makes it official.  Tune in frequently for posts related to cloud computing technology (VMware mostly) and hiking/backpacking/camping almost exclusively in the Northern California area.  I’ll keep this post short and sweet… I don’t want to burn myself out too quickly.

Technology – I work as a VMware Technical Account Manager in the Sacramento, CA area and am faced almost daily with questions from my customers regarding VMware best practices, support challenges, product setup/configuration, and cloud strategies.  A lot of what I will be blogging about from a technology perspective will be directly related to real-life customer scenarios I encounter.  I recently invested in an actual home lab (keep an eye out for an upcoming blog about this) that allows for some good opportunities for testing and product installation/configuration scenarios.

Hiking/Backpacking – Living in the Northern California region allows for some of the best opportunities to hike, camp, backpack, and mountain climb.  Having the Sierra Nevadas in my backyard allows for some fantastic trips/adventures.  I usually plan one or two “big” trips each year and a handful of smaller, weekend trips.  This summer (2017) has been particularly busy from a hiking perspective… so I have some catching up to do from a blogging perspective.

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