Configure VM Cores per Socket with Virtual Machine Desired State Configuration (VMDSC) 1.1.0

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VMDSC 1.1.0

Last week (4/25/2022) we released an exciting new update to the Virtual Machine Desired State Configuration (VMDSC) VMware Fling ( This update includes several fixes and enhancements including a new feature that has been requested many times by customers since the Fling was originally released; the ability to specify Cores per Socket in addition to CPU and Memory when configuring virtual machines.

If you are not already familiar with VMDSC you may be asking yourself “What’s the big deal? I can change a virtual machine’s CPU, Cores per Socket, and Memory anytime I want through vCenter”. While that is most certainly true, this approach requires virtual administrators to schedule a date/time with business/application/VM owners so the VM can be powered off to make the change. The power of VMDSC allows you to specify the desired state CPU, Memory, and now Cores per Socket of a virtual machine and the configuration will take effect the next time the VM is rebooted. This eliminates the administrative burden associated with rightsizing VMs.

Once deployed, administrators can leverage the VMDSC REST API and the included Postman Collection to specify desired state CPU/Memory attributes of their VMs by specifying the following parameters:

{ "uuid": "{{vm-uuid}}", "cpu": 1, "cores_per_socket": 1, "memsize": 1024}

Create a VMDSC VM configuration via the included Postman Collection

VMDSC Integrations

Additionally, we provide powerful (yet optional) integrations with vRealize Orchestrator, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, and PowerCLI ( to extend the capabilities of VMDSC from a management and automation perspective.

Create a VMDSC VM configuration via vRealize Orchestrator
Rightsize an entire vSphere Cluster via the VMDSC vRealize Operations integration

Be sure to check out the VMDSC User Guide for detailed instructions regarding how to deploy and configure VMDSC as well as setup the optional integrations. The user guide can be found here:

VMDSC 1.1.0 Release Notes

  • Version 1.1.0 (3884518)
    • Includes the ability to specify cores_per_socket in addition to the original cpu & memory desired state values.
    • Includes additional CPU validation logic to ensure the Cores per Socket value is a multiple of the total number of desired vCPUs.
    • Includes the ability to specify only the desired VMDSC elements when making API calls rather than all of them (e.g. – you can specify just the CPU desired state, or memory, or cores_per_socket rather than all three of them).
    • Updates to the following items to include the new cores_per_socket capabilities:
      • vRealize Orchestrator package
      • Postman Collection
      • PowerVMDSC PowerShell Module
      • vRealize Log Insight Content Pack
      • VMDSC User Guide
    • Pagination updates to the GET /configs API request.

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